Article: Netflix Releases The Official Trailer For Its Blood-Suckingly Good Film “Night Teeth” Starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Sydney Sweeney And Megan Fox!

Netflix's Night Teeth Movie Poster
Photo Credits: Netflix

What would you do if you knew tonight was your last night on Earth?

It’s time to fully immerse yourself into spooky szn and get your Halloween movies and series queued up as Netflix is here to help with a nail-biting and scarily good lineup for October. What should be at the top of your must-watch list you may ask? Night Teeth, of course! The blood-sucking and equally alluring film is comprised of an all-star, dream team cast consisting of Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Raúl Castillo, Alfie Allen, Alexander Ludwig, Sydney Sweeney, and Megan Fox. With non-stop, edge-of-your-seat adventures at every second and a whole lot of thrills, Night Teeth is one epic, vampire film you won’t be bringing out the garlic for!

In the adrenaline-filled movie, college student Benny (portrayed by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is looking for a way to make money, and that’s when he comes across his solution: serving as a chauffeur for a night. But, Benny is in for one wild ride when his night involves driving two, intriguing women (played by Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) around to a series of Los Angeles parties. He realizes that there’s more than what meets the eye as these two party-hoppers aren’t just looking for the next hotspot to go to, they’re looking for their next victim to sink their fangs into. What started out as a quick way to earn some bucks, ended up with Benny being stuck in a deadly situation and finding himself in the midst of a war between two, rival vampire tribes. Could Benny make it out alive and save the hustling and bustling City of Angels? You’ll have to find out by joining in on the rousing drive when Night Teeth releases globally on October 20th on Netflix.

Debby Ryan and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. in Netflix's Night Teeth
Photo Credits: Kat Marcinowski / Netflix

Prolific actress, Debby Ryan shared her excitement over the release of the movie’s trailer. Ryan wrote along with a post on her Instagram account, “Night Teeth October 20th— let’s go for a ride🩸#nightteeth @netflix @netflixfilm.”

The immensely talented Jorge Lendeborg Jr. wrote along with a post he shared on his Instagram account, “Los Angeles isn’t the city you thought it was. 🩸 #NightTeeth is coming to @Netflix October 20.”

The internet has been ablaze getting extra excited for the release of Night Teeth. Get ready for one fang-tastic film that will definitely be your (blood) type to watch! Take a look at the official movie trailer below and mark your calendars for the release of Night Teeth on October 20th.

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