VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Tom Blyth, Eileen O’Higgens, Alex Roe And More Stepped Out For The Los Angeles Premiere Of Their Action-Packed Series, “Billy The Kid,” Airing On EPIX And The EPIX NOW App!

Alex Roe, Eileen O'Higgens, Michael Hirst, Tom Blyth, Guillermo Alonso, and Michael Wright at the premiere of EPIX's "Billy the Kid"
Photo Credits: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images for EPIX

Some know him as William H. Bonney, others know him as Kid Antrim, but when this specific name was spoken, fear riddled the wild, wild west… Billy the Kid. The infamous Billy the Kid is a figure that is known all around the world. He is notorious for his great ease and swiftness in drawing his gun and for being one of the most wanted outlaws in history. Posters in the late 1870s read wanted: dead or alive with a $5,000 reward plastered at the top ($5,000 being a large prize during that time). But, as we all think we may know Billy the Kid through what we’ve seen in movies and previous TV shows, it’s not until EPIX’s riveting series did we actually really get to know more about him.

EPIX premiered its new series, Billy the Kid on April 24 to rave reviews, and rightfully so. There are many renditions of Billy the Kid made for both the big and small screens, but there’s nothing like the production created by EPIX to tell this incredibly compelling story. Billy the Kid gives us a glimpse into the life of this gunfighter like never before. We learn more about him, not just as the person who had frequent run-ins with the law, but about his traumatic childhood and his roots.

In the first episode of this thrilling series, we’re introduced to a young Billy the Kid, whose real name was Henry McCarty. Living in New York, McCarty’s family set out to the west with hopes for a better life. After a long journey to get there, the family realizes that where they have arrived is in no way what they were promised for it to be. But, that’s not where the perils end. The McCarty family encounter a series of tragedies, many of which define Henry and cause him to grow up faster than normal 12-year-olds. Throughout the beginning of the series, we see the great love McCarty has for his mom and how he will do anything to protect her and be her right-hand.

EPIX’s Billy the Kid is filled with action, adventure, and emotion. It’s a series that within just a few seconds of watching, you’ll instantly find yourself hooked. The cast, consisting of Tom Blyth (who stars as the titular role), Eileen O’Higgens, Daniel Webber, Alex Roe, and Dakota Daulby all did such a phenomenal job in the show. From the impeccable acting to the great costume design, every detail and nuance was accounted for to truly capture the essence of this tale.

Eileen O'Higgens and Tom Blyth at the premiere of EPIX's Billy the Kid
Photo Credits: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images for EPIX

Cast-members Blyth, O’Higgens, Roe, and Guillermo Alonso attended EPIX’s wonderful premiere of Billy the Kid along with series creator / writer, Michael Hirst (the genius behind Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla), and President of EPIX, Michael Wright. The western-themed premiere was held at Harmony Gold in Los Angeles, California on April 21. Guests were able to take a step back in time and immerse themselves into the 1870s while drinking whiskey, wine, and enjoying some hors d’oeuvres.

“[Billy the Kid] had a natural affinity for those who felt othered in this world,” said Wright when welcoming attendees to the premiere ahead of the screening of the first two episodes. “So, if you think you know Billy the Kid, I’m pretty sure you don’t know this version of him.”

EPIX President, Michael Wright at the premiere of "Billy the Kid"
Photo Credits: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images for EPIX

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an outstanding time attending the premiere of Billy the Kid. This show is one that will have you highly-anticipating what’s to come in each and every episode. It’s engrossing and a Sunday is very much so well spent watching new episodes of this gripping series.

Check out some more photos below from the premiere of Billy the Kid and be sure to watch the series on EPIX and the EPIX NOW app.

Photo Credits: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images for EPIX


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