VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Director Hanna Bergholm Talks About The Origins Of Her Film, “Hatching” At The Film’s Los Angeles Special Screening – Recap Here!

Director Hanna Bergholm at the Los Angeles special screening of Hatching
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It all started with a sentence. Director Hanna Bergholm spoke to guests at the Los Angeles special screening of her film, Hatching, which took place on April 28, and said that the incredibly intriguing thriller all started with a one sentence idea. When she met with screenwriter, Ilja Rautsi, Bergholm was presented with an idea about a movie that focused on a boy that hatches an evil doppelgänger out of an egg. But, Bergholm wanted the story to be about a girl and she emphasized at the screening event how much we need more stories about girls on screen. What ensued was the creation of a captivating, horror film that touches on many topics – from physicality to female life, social media, and more.

IFC Midnight‘s Hatching follows Tinja (played by Siiri Solalinna), a 12-year-old gymnast whose greatest desire is to make her mom proud. Tinja’s mom is wrapped up in the social media sphere and is focused on carefully curating a perfect family image for her blog, ‘Lovely Everyday Life.’ While she fusses over her social media presence, Tinja’s mom neglects to see what her daughter tries to do to be her own version of perfect for her and feel loved. One day, Tinja brings home an egg she found in the woods, and secretly nurtures the egg until it hatches. When the mysterious creature comes out from its egg, mayhem develops as Tinja promises to continue to take care of the monster in her bedroom. But, is this otherworldly being really a monster, or does it simply symbolize all the things that Tinja hides within to present herself as the person she wishes her mom sees?

Tinja, played by Siiri Solalinna, in IFC Midnight's Hatching
Photo Credits: IFC Midnight

The film has such a unique take on the body horror genre. It’s not just a suspenseful flick, there’s also a lot of meaning to it. The metaphors between Tinja and her “evil doppelgänger” give more depth to the movie and symbolizes themes of coming of age, motherhood, balance, beauty, and lack of love. The cast’s performance is impeccable and Hatching is a compelling picture that will have you gripped from start to finish. Plus, Creature Effects Supervisor, Gustav Hoegen’s work in the movie is wondrous and brings this distinct creature to life in such a superb way. Hoegen is renowned for his work in the Star Wars franchises, so he couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to the Hatching team to elevate the story to the great level it is at.

The Finnish movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, invited guests to an egg-cellent Los Angeles special screening ahead of the film’s release in theaters. Guests were able to snap photos with eggs and enjoy wine and drinks at the event’s pre-reception. Then, attendees were able to take their seats and view the film.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had a spectacular time attending the special screening of Hatching. This movie is one that will certainly stick with you.

Hatching is truly egg-ceptional, so be sure to catch this terrific film out in theaters now and available everywhere you rent movies on May 17.

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