VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Hulu’s “Look At Me: XXXTentacion” Documentary Gives A Raw And Unprecedented Look At XXXTentacion’s Life – Recap Of The Los Angeles Special Screening Here!

Hulu's Look At Me: XXXTentacion
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All eyes have always been looking at rapper XXXTentacion. Whether it was looking forward to seeing what new song the artist was going to release next, or watching XXXTentacion’s Periscopes, or seeing his name in controversial headlines, XXXTentacion was a name heard round the world. Hulu‘s documentary, Look At Me: XXXTentacion gives a raw and unprecedented look at the emo rap star and the many sides of him and his impact in the music world.

Director Sabaah Folayan’s work in this documentary is exemplary of how all docs should be modeled after. Look At Me: XXXTentacion doesn’t shy away from showing the parts of XXXTentacion that people may have never wanted to know or remember him by. The documentary doesn’t paint XXXTentacion, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, in a specific light that would only make him look good or bad. In this film, we see everything, without wearing rose-colored glasses, that made XXXTentacion the person that he is: a music pioneer, a versatile artist, and also someone who had many troubles.

The doc features interviews with those who were closest to Onfroy. A pivotal figure both in making this documentary come to fruition, as well as being a true rock and strong force in the well-known rapper’s life is Cleopatra Bernard, XXXTentacion’s mom, who also executive produced the film. The documentary allows us to step inside X’s world more through interviews with Bernard, his manager, Solomon Sabande, producer John Cunningham, close friend and collaborator, Ski Mask the Slump God, and many more.

By hearing from those who knew XXXTentacion best and seeing never-before-seen footage, we are able to see the chronology of Onfroy’s impressive career. From his humble beginnings as a young child raised by a resilient mom, to having run-ins with the law, and becoming a chart-topping, rap sensation, we’re truly able to not just look at, but really see and learn more about XXXTentacion in a way we may have never been able to before.

The “SAD!” singer was open with his fans about his struggles with mental health. Oftentimes singing about mental illness, XXXTentacion knew he had a platform and used it to help those who were also dealing with mental health disorders. The documentary shows X’s influence on fans, with many of them saying how he has helped save their lives. Onfroy’s music was a beacon of hope for many, a safe haven, and an escape.

The documentary also gives former girlfriend, Geneva W. Ayala, an opportunity to share her story. A big part of the film covers Ayala’s domestic abuse allegations against XXXTentacion. For director Folayan, it was important for her to have Ayala say her side. Folayan even shared the finished product with Ayala in advance to make sure that her experiences were expressed accurately.

Despite proudly being the “villain” in the beginning, since X felt that that would help propel his career, the rapper did a complete 180 and really tried to serve as more of a positive influence for his fans down the line. He learned how to control his anger with healthy coping mechanisms and would frequently go live on social media to discuss more about mental health, in comparison to when he would livestream street fights he formerly had.

When the tragic news had broke that XXXTentacion was murdered outside RIVA Motorsports, the world was stunned and heartbroken. At only 20 years old, X’s life was taken too soon. We all continue to think about how much more he could have done and the many terrific things he would have been able to continue to accomplish. As we learn in the documentary, eight months after the horrific murder, Onfroy’s son was born. His son, who happens to be a spitting image of him, will undoubtedly continue his legacy.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an excellent time at the Los Angeles special screening of Look At Me: XXXTentacion. This documentary is riveting and truly is a must-see for everyone.

Look At Me: XXXTentacion is available to watch now exclusively on Hulu.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illnesses, find more resources here at the National Institute of Mental Health.

For resources on domestic abuse, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website here.

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