VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Champions Aren’t Born, They’re Played – The Cast Of Paramount+’s “Players” Celebrated The Show’s Premiere At The Los Angeles Special Screening – Recap Here!

The cast of Paramount+'s "Players" at the Los Angeles special screening
Photo Credits: Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Paramount+

Champions aren’t born, they’re played.

Esports gamer, Creamcheese has got it all – the fame, the admiration, and being referred to as “the best of all time,” but one thing he doesn’t have is… well, a championship title under his belt. And now, there’s another gamer on the horizon that the Esports world is turning its attention to – Organizm. Paramount+ is bringing viewers on Team Fugitive’s journey to win the LCS trophy in the incredible series, Players, out now on the streaming platform.

Players follows esports team, Fugitive, from their humble beginnings to winding up on the big LCS stage. It all started back in 2015. Creamcheese wasn’t even Creamcheese yet. In fact, he went by his first gamer handle… Nutmilk. Creamcheese, along with a couple of other gamers, turned their hobby into a profession with the support of Fugitive team heads, Kyle and April Braxton, and a whole lot of hot sauce shots. Tons of them.

Noh Arrow Dong-Hyeon, Michael Miko Ahn, Misha Brooks, Da'Jour Jones, and Youngbin Chung star in Paramount+'s "Players"
Photo Credits: Scott McDermott / Paramount+

Fast forward to 2021 and Fugitive is enlisting a new, viral gamer to their team, Organizm. At 17 years old, Organizm is the one to watch in the esports world, and could have the potential to dethrone Creamcheese from his acclaimed rank. Organizm first came on the scene after slaying against a known gamer named Guru and ending the game with a simple phrase, “It’s ok. I still think you’re a good player.” Was that a back-handed compliment or a straight out blow? Either way, it was clear to see that Organizm is the future of gaming.

As Team Fugitive brings Organizm on board, the gaming prodigy and the gaming phenomenon, Creamcheese, must put their differences aside in order to truly be a team.

The terrific series stars Misha Brooks as Creamcheese, Da’Jour Jones as Organizm, Ely Henry as Kyle Braxton, Holly Chou as April Braxton, Stephen Schneider as Nathan Resnick, Alexa Mansour as Emma, Youngbin Chung as Nightfall, Peter Thurnwald as Foresite, Luke Tennie as Rudy Elmore, Moses Storm as Guru, and Matt Shively as Frugger.

The hilarious and entertaining mockumentary stems from the creative minds of American Vandal creators, Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, and is a true testament of the unmatched work these comedic geniuses produce. For those who have seen the satirical and critically-acclaimed American Vandal, it’s hard not to get excited over Yacenda and Perrault’s new project as everything they touch is pure comedy gold. And Players is just that. It’s fast-paced and exceptionally written. When you’re watching the series, you forget you’re watching a scripted show and not a real docu-series. The combined, phenomenal efforts of the series creators and the unrivaled cast makes Players a true champion of a show.

Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda at the Los Angeles special screening of "Players"
Photo Credits: Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Paramount+

Paramount+ brought all the high-stakes, gaming fun to The London West Hollywood on June 7 for an exciting Los Angeles special screening of Players. Attendees at the event were treated to a screening of the first two episodes of the show, and the entire room was roaring with laughter while watching the amazing and magnificently-executed series. After watching the brilliant episodes, guests were invited to the rooftop for a remarkable after-party. Attendees got to embrace their inner Fugitive gamer by even getting the chance to down some hot sauce shots of their own.

Players is more than just a comical story about gaming. Throughout the episodes, we’re able to learn more about the characters and what made them who they are. It’s a show that’s effortless to binge-watch and is truly another masterpiece from Yacenda and Perrault.

Misha Brooks as Creamcheese and Da’Jour Jones as Organizm in Paramount+'s "Players"
Photo Credits: Erin Simkin / Paramount+

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an excellent time attending the Los Angeles special screening of Players. It goes without saying, everyone will be proudly calling this outstanding show their fave series of all time.

Check out some more photos below from the Los Angeles special screening of Players. Join Fugitive on their road to the championships in Players streaming now on Paramount+.

Photo Credits: Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Paramount+


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