Article: Netflix’s “Purple Hearts” Starring Sofia Carson And Nicholas Galitzine Will Get You In All Your Feels – Watch The Official Trailer And See NEW Photos From The Movie Here!

Netflix's "Purple Hearts" Movie Poster
Photo Credits: Netflix

Prepare for your heart to go crazy as July 29 is the day we all have been waiting for – the release of Netflix‘s incredibly touching and moving film, Purple Hearts. Cassie is a singer / songwriter fighting a battle of her own with her health. Luke is a third-generation marine. When you look at the two together, they seem like a match made in heaven, but the thing is, everything is just for show. The couple agreed to marry solely for the military benefits; but when Luke is wounded in battle, what was once pretend, may actually no longer be the case.

Fans around the world have been waiting for the release of this extraordinary movie and the day is almost here. Purple Hearts stars profound actress Sofia Carson as Cassie and the gifted Nicholas Galitzine as Luke. We’re super excited to see the brilliant Carson combine both of her passions in this film – singing and acting – and we can’t wait to see Galitzine’s impeccable acting skills continue to shine in the flick. The movie is directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson star in Netflix's "Purple Hearts"
Photo Credits: Mark Fellman / Netflix

In addition to Carson and Galitzine, the amazing movie also stars the indescribable talents of Chosen Jacobs, Kat Cunning, Linden Ashby, Anthony Ippolito, John Harlan Kim, Sarah Rich, and Scott Deckert.

Netflix recently shared the official trailer for the movie. Heads up for everyone before watching it – you’re going to sob… like a lot. This terrific film emphasizes the theme of love and how you can truly overcome any kind of obstacles when you have someone who cares for you right by your side.

As if the trailer didn’t already get us excited enough to watch the movie, we also hear a very special song in the trailer, performed and cowritten by none other than the multi-talented Sofia Carson herself. The song is titled, “Come Back Home,” and between Carson’s unparalleled vocals and the meaningful lyrics, we are seriously obsessed with this track. From what we’ve heard from “Come Back Home,” we could only imagine what the full soundtrack for Purple Hearts is going to be like. We have two words: chef’s kiss!

Carson shared her enthusiasm over the release of the movie’s trailer on her Instagram account. Along with the post seen below, Carson wrote, “Purple Hearts 💜 Coming to a @netflix near you July 29th. . . Come Back Home, one of the first songs I wrote for our film, is out NOW. Link in Bio. Be still my Purple Heart💜”

Nicholas Galitzine shared a still from the movie and we’ll brb, because we are not okay after seeing this photo. *Cue the tears.*

Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine in a movie together makes every single one of our dreams come true. If you need us on July 29, we’ll be all up in our feels watching Purple Hearts streaming on Netflix.

Watch the official trailer for Purple Hearts below and check out some brand new images from the film. “Come Back Home,” the original song from the movie and heard in the trailer is out now. The entire soundtrack for Purple Hearts will release on the film’s premiere day on July 29 for you to have an ultimate Purple Hearts-filled day.

Photo Credits: Netflix


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