VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Someone’s Always Watching In IFC Midnight’s Thriller Film, “Watcher” – Recap Of The Los Angeles Special Screening Here!

IFC Midnight's "Watcher" Movie Poster
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Do you feel like someone is always watching? đź‘€ For Julia, that’s the ominous feeling she was welcomed with as she started a new chapter in her life in Bucharest, Romania with her husband. IFC Midnight‘s Watcher is everything a captivating thriller film should be and more. It’s nail-biting, mysterious, and a movie that will fill you with anxiety (and even make you extra paranoid to check who may be peeking at your window every moment).

Watcher follows Julia, an actress who relocates to Bucharest with her husband. But, Julia is an outsider in a place completely unknown to her. She doesn’t speak the language, and the one person she knows who does, her husband, is frequently at work. This uneasy and uncomfortable feeling for Julia (exceptionally portrayed by the stellar Maika Monroe) is first seen when the couple arrives in Bucharest and she doesn’t understand what the taxi driver is saying to her husband, most likely talking about her.

However, that odd feeling in the air continues when Julia notices a man in the building across from hers seemingly staring at her. As Julia becomes increasingly aware of the man watching her, she feels this impending sense of doom everywhere she goes. She notices the man’s presence when she goes to the movie theater and even gets the inkling that he followed her into the grocery store.

As much as her husband, played by profound actor Karl Glusman, wants to be there for her and support her, he also wonders if “maybe [the man] is staring at the woman who is staring at him.” Julia thus takes it upon herself to really learn if this perplexing man is indeed following her. But, things get even more worrisome when Julia finds out there’s been a murder that has happened by her area. Could this man watching her be the one who is murdering and decapitating women’s heads?

This magnificently-executed, psychological thriller will give you chills. Monroe’s performance in this flick is breathtaking. She’s able to evoke a great sense of paranoia in such a raw and genuine way. All aspects of the film – from the cinematography to the lighting, and of course the impeccable acting by the cast, makes the movie an eerie knockout.

IFC Midnight hosted a fabulous Los Angeles special screening for Watcher on May 21. The remarkable event kicked off with a pre-reception at The Courtyard Kitchen. Guests enjoyed mouth-watering food including pesto pasta, meatballs, prosciutto pizza and more scrumptious bites and drinks. Attendees then headed to the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California for a stupendous screening of the gripping movie.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an excellent time attending the special screening of Watcher. This movie will leave you at the edge of your seat and is filled with suspense in every scene.

Watch Watcher out now everywhere you rent movies.

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