VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: John Cho, Mia Isaac, Hannah Marks And More Attended The Special Screening Of Their Heartfelt And Impactful Film, “Don’t Make Me Go” – Recap Here!

John Cho, Mia Isaac, Hannah Marks, Vera Herbert and Stefania LaVie Owen at the Los Angeles special screening of Don't Make Me Go
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“If you have a good attitude for real, I’ll let you get behind the wheel.”

If there’s one movie that has claimed the title of “Best Summer Flick of 2022,” it is without a doubt, Amazon Prime Video‘s Don’t Make Me Go. Touching, heartfelt, and incredibly impactful, Don’t Make Me Go will take you on a ride of emotions as a father and daughter go on a road trip of a lifetime.

Don’t Make Me Go, directed by Hannah Marks, follows single father, Max Park, played by the impeccably talented, John Cho. Max finds himself having frequent bouts of headaches and goes to the doctor, but when he gets his results, it’s something that no one wants to hear. A tumor at the base of his skull was found, and he has two choices. He can either get surgery done to remove it, but only 20% of people who get the surgery survive it; or he could not get the surgery, and only have about one more year to live.

With this distressing news weighing down on him, Max decides to take his daughter, Wally on a road trip to his college reunion, with hopes of connecting with Wally’s estranged mother at the event. It’s during this adventure that Max is able to really cherish some much-needed time with his teenage daughter, portrayed by the standout Mia Isaac. This road trip is a monumental one for the father/daughter duo as they create everlasting memories, like Max teaching Wally how to drive and some good ‘ol karaoke jam-outs. Max takes this time to teach his daughter everything she may need to know for the rest of her life, but throughout this journey, Max learns a lot from Wally as well.

John Cho and Mia Isaac’s performances were simply superb. Their chemistry in the film is unparalleled and they make one of the best father/daughter tandems we’ve ever seen on the big screen. There are actually a lot of relationships seen in Don’t Make Me Go, each one special in its own way. There’s the aforementioned Max and Wally. Then, there’s Max and the woman he’s seeing, Annie, played by Kaya Scodelario. And, there’s Wally and her best-friend, Sandra. Each relationship makes a mark and shows that when you have someone by your side, you can truly get through anything.

There are movies that leave such a great impression on you after you watch them. Movies that you’ll never forget. Movies where you feel all the feels all over again even from just seeing its movie poster. Don’t Make Me Go is one of those movies. Director Hannah Marks and the entire cast and crew created a masterpiece with this film and it’s one that will touch your heart in more ways than imaginable.

Amazon Prime Video hosted a marvelous, special screening for Don’t Make Me Go on July 11 at the Neuehouse Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The cast attended the outstanding event in celebration of their remarkable film’s release. The cast was thrilled to be reunited again for the sensational event, and John Cho and Mia Isaac gave each other a tight embrace at the event’s red carpet. Prior to the screening, attendees toasted the night away with champagne, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres at Magari. After the pre-reception, guests were guided to the Neuehouse rooftop for an unforgettable, outdoor screening of the beautiful film.

John Cho and Mia Isaac hug at the Los Angeles special screening of Don't Make Me Go
Photo Credits: Todd Williamson / January Images / Shutterstock

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had a spectacular time attending the Don’t Make Me Go special screening. Grab a box of tissues before watching this exceptional movie because you’re certainly going to need it!

Check out some more photos below from the Los Angeles special screening of Don’t Make Me Go. Watch this extraordinary film streaming now on Prime Video.

Photo Credits: Todd Williamson / January Images / Shutterstock


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