VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Andiamo! Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Molly Shannon And More Attended The Premiere Of Their Film, “Spin Me Round” – See Photos From IFC Films’ Special Screening Here!

Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Molly Shannon at the Los Angeles special screening of "Spin Me Round"
Photo Credits: Le Studio Photography

Tuscan Grove – home of all-you-can-eat pasta, microwaved alfredo sauce…and managerial trips to Italy that go astray. IFC Films‘ hysterical movie, Spin Me Round is an unforgettable trip filled with some of the most unexpected twists and turns. Directed by Jeff Baena and co-written by the stellar Alison Brie (who magnificently takes on the lead role of the film), Spin Me Round has the perfect balance of unparalleled comedy, mystery, and suspense that will have you saying, “questo è fantastico!” 

Spin Me Round follows Amber (played by profound actress Brie), a dedicated manager who has devoted nine years at the Italian food chain restaurant, Tuscan Grove, and if it were up to her boss, Paul (portrayed by the brilliant Lil Rey Howery), he’d like to see her working there for nine more. Tuscan Grove hosts an excursion program where a small group of selected managers are invited to Italy to fully immerse themselves into the Tuscan Grove atmosphere, learn more about the different ingredients used in their dishes, and engage in some trust-building exercises. When Amber gets chosen to go on this trip, she packs her bags and gets ready to leave Bakersfield for her first international vacation. Filled with high hopes, and encouragement from her friend, Emily (brought to life by Ego Nwodim) that she’ll find love on her trip, Amber believes this will be the vacation of a lifetime…until it wasn’t.

When Amber arrives in Italy, she’s greeted by her guide, Craig, who actually isn’t Italian and immediately asks for all of the managers’ passports once they are all inside the van. And so, the sketchy awkwardness begins. Amber eventually meets the other managers invited to the experience, all characters of their own. There’s Deb, who finds herself in a dilemma before the trip has even fully started with her bag being lost. Deb, who is effortlessly portrayed by the unrivaled Molly Shannon, instantly gravitates towards Amber and develops a clingy BFF-type relationship with her. Then, there’s Jen, who finds humor in every joke Craig says and also happens to have a concerning sleep condition. There’s Susie, the cool and confident one. We also have Dana who has been a big fan of Tuscan Grove ever since he could remember, and Fran who was a former contestant on a cooking show.

When Tuscan Grove’s very own Nick Martucci makes his way over to meet the managers in person, he immediately gets captivated by Amber and her resemblance to his sister. Before long, Amber finds herself getting whisked away by Nick’s assistant, Kat (phenomenally played by the one and only Aubrey Plaza) on dates with the restaurant founder. But the date on Nick’s yacht and the lavish, gifted dress soon takes a turn towards the peculiar side when Amber is introduced to Nick’s friends who frequently call her “open-minded” and things start to get a bit weird.

Amber then begins to notice other women on the trip being taken away by Nick’s assistant and she’s no longer being brought out on these exhilarating dates with the restaurant owner. When Amber tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on, she enlists fellow manager, Dana. But when things get extremely wild, it’s more than something Amber and Dana can handle on their own.

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in Spin Me Round. The movie is filled with the best of the best of comedic geniuses. What could possibly be better than combining the unparalleled talents of greats including Brie, Molly Shannon, Aubrey Plaza, Zach Woods, Fred Armisen, Alessandro Nivola, Debby Ryan, Tim Heidecker, Ayden Mayeri, Ben Sinclair, Ego Nwodim, and Lil Rey Howery all in one movie? It’s a dream team of a cast and they all delivered in making a comically chaotic and truly entertaining film.

Director Baena and the outstanding cast of the film gathered together and brought the flavor of Florence to Los Angeles during a special screening of Spin Me Round, which took place on Aug. 17 at The London Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Baena greeted attendees inside the screening with the vivacious Alison Brie by his side and within seconds of the film starting, guests were bellowing with laughter. After the screening of the movie, attendees were invited to the event’s Italian-themed after-party.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had a sensational time attending the Los Angeles premiere of Spin Me Round. If you’re looking for a film that will give you a good laugh, look no further as Spin Me Round is here.

Check out some more photos below from the Los Angeles special screening of Spin Me Round. Andiamo – grab a bowl of pasta, kick back, and relax as you take a trip to Italia in the action-packed flick that is Spin Me Round out now in theaters and streaming on AMC+. 

Photo Credits: Le Studio Photography

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