VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Social Media Star Sam Vicchiollo Talks About His TikTok Career, Walking The Runway At Miami Swim Week And More In His Interview With AlexisJoyVIPAccess!

Social media sensation Sam Vicchiollo
Photo Credits: Ethan McAlister

If there’s one social media superstar you should definitely be following, it is, without a doubt, the amazing Sam Vicchiollo. With over two million followers on TikTok, Vicchiollo has established himself as a brilliant creator whose content always goes viral. It makes our day getting to see Vicchiollo’s incredible videos on our feed – from his POV vids to his fantastic TikToks with his adorable dog. We always enjoy getting to step inside the TikTok sensation’s life and keep updated with all of the outstanding projects he’s working on.

Recently, the terrific influencer had another awe-inspiring accomplishment in his career – getting to walk the runway at Miami Swim Week. Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience for Vicchiollo, and we know that many more phenomenal, career milestones like this will continue to flow his way.

Aside from being an excellent content creator and model, Vicchiollo prioritizes on using his platform for good and making an impact. Vicchiollo is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and works hard to champion for important causes as a social justice activist. He is a remarkable inspiration to all of his fans. Sam Vicchiollo sure is doing big things and he is continuing to take the social media world by storm!

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an exceptional time interviewing the magnificent Sam Vicchiollo all about what inspired him to focus his life around creating content, what his favorite TikTok is that he has created thus far, which content creator he’d like to collaborate with in the future, and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. The phenomenal Vicchiollo even talked more about his wonderful experience at Miami Swim Week – see what he had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below.

Read my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the extraordinary Sam Vicchiollo below and be sure to follow him on TikTok and on Instagram: @SamVicchiollo.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Congratulations on all of the stellar success with your career! Can you tell us what inspired you to focus your life around creating content? 

Sam Vicchiollo: When I realized the potential TikTok had back in 2019, I decided to change my mindset from casually posting to making a career for myself. It was pretty early on that I started taking TikTok seriously. I think the biggest inspiration was the thought that I could make a different life for myself than the one my small town influenced me to have. Getting a degree and a professional job (which is such a great option for many people) was not for me, and I felt trapped. As soon as I saw a way out through content creation, I took it.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Do you have a favorite TikTok you’ve created thus far? 

Sam Vicchiollo: One of my favorite TikToks I’ve ever created is part of this series I did back in 2020, where I ran in slow motion to the song, “Mr. Blue Sky.” That video got around 18 million views and it was genuinely so fun to make, so I kept making more!


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: You’ve garnered over two million followers on TikTok. What is it like for you having so many people love your content and enjoy keeping updated with you?

Sam Vicchiollo: It’s very surreal to have so many people follow me and watch my content. Most of the time, I disassociate from the number and focus on making good content, but sometimes it hits me truly how many people that is. I’m so blessed to have impacted so many people, and it motivates me to grow my community of followers.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: If you could collaborate with any other content creator, who would you like it to be and what kind of content would you like to create?

Sam Vicchiollo: I’d love to collaborate with Illumitati. She’s an incredible photographer, and since I recently entered the modeling space, it would be so cool to collaborate on a shoot with her since I’ve recently been collaborating with a lot of photographers.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: You also walked the runway at Miami Swim Week. What was that experience like for you? 

Sam Vicchiollo: Walking three shows at Miami Swim Week was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve dreamt of modeling since middle school, but I never thought it would be possible because I grew up in a small town where no one supported this dream. Going to the castings, the fittings, hair and makeup – just the whole process – made me feel like a legitimate model. Experiencing the industry for the first time made me even more driven to keep pursuing modeling.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: What are some other upcoming projects you’re working on that fans can stay tuned for? 

Sam Vicchiollo: My modeling is my biggest passion right now, so hopefully, my fans will see more of me modeling soon!


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Lastly, if you could bring out a message to your fans, what message would that be? 

Sam Vicchiollo: That I love them. I literally would not be in the position I am without them. Seriously, my supporters have pulled me out of my darkest places and have constantly pushed me to pursue my dreams when even my closest friends didn’t. They gave me a community, a family, and people I can relate to and changed my life forever. I’m so beyond grateful for everyone who supports me and I hope that I can keep giving them a reason to follow.

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