Article: Congrats To Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan On Getting Engaged PLUS Watch Their “Someone You Like” Lyric Video!


Hands down, Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan has and continues to be one of everyone’s favorite celebrity couples. They are both so incredibly talented, supportive of each other and they truly show that young love prevails. In a very special announcement on his 1,000th post on Instagram, the magnificent Ryan McCartan revealed the sensational news to fans that he and Dove Cameron are officially engaged! Words cannot even begin to describe how excited and happy we all are for this extraordinary power couple!

Ryan McCartan shared the excellent news through the Instagram post as seen below:

Dove Cameron also shared her excitement by posting the Instagram photo below:

So incredibly sweet and heart-warming! Talk about #relationshipgoals! In addition to that remarkable excitement and new chapter in their lives, the outstanding Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are continuing to bring more spectacular music out to all of their fans and they just shared their “Someone You Like” lyric video.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, aka The Girl and the Dreamcatcher debuted their “Someone You Like” lyric video on – be sure to check it out here!

Here at, I’d like to send the biggest congratulations to Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan on their engagement and all of the continued successes in their lives!

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