Article: Join The Adams Sisters As They Bring Clean Water To Impoverished Countries In Nickelodeon’s New “The HALO Effect” Episode Premiering 6/17!

Photo Credits: Nickelodeon
Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Creativity and inspiration comes together in an all new episode of Nickelodeon’s stupendous and magnificent show, The HALO Effect. In the upcoming, phenomenal episode of The HALO Effect airing on June 17th at 8:30 PM ET / PT, the episode focuses on two spectacular sisters, Isabelle and Katherine Adams, as they create origami ornaments to help raise money for a Navajo reservation in New Mexico that is in need of clean water.

According to the press release, “The Adams sisters started their organization, Paper for Water, five years ago after learning that girls in some countries don’t attend school because they spend their days hauling water, and that a child dies every 20 seconds from unclean water.  They decided to make a change by collecting donations to help build wells in impoverished countries and the United States in exchange for their origami ornaments.  Paper for Water partners with other non-profit organizations: Living Water International, to identify where a well should be placed in impoverished countries and which residents will help maintain it, and DIGDEEP to help Indian reservations in the United States gain better access to clean water.”

Isabelle and Katherine Adams have been working hard with their Paper for Water organization and have received a lot of success with it. To this date, the Adams sisters have raised nearly $800,000 to fund more than 100 water projects in countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, India, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua. As a result of all of their hard work and their inspiration to others to help make this world a better place to live in, Nickelodeon is awarding the Adams sisters a $10,000 grant to their organization.

With each magnificent episode of The HALO Effect the featured teen brings out a “HALO Effect Challenge” that encourages all of the viewers at home to participate and show their support. Isabelle and Katherine Adams are asking all of you to make an origami butterfly and take a selfie with it and / or post a photo or video showing how you conserve water and share it using the hashtag #HALOEffectChallenge.

The Adams sisters are truly so admirable and all of The HALO Effect featured teens are absolutely incredible for motivating everyone to do the best for other people and the world we live in. Don’t forget to tune in to the all new The HALO Effect episode hosted by the marvelous Sydney Park airing on June 17th at 8:30 PM ET / PT. If you missed the episode, or simply just want to see it again, you can watch special encore airings on Monday, June 20th at 8:00 PM on Nicktoons and Saturday, June 25th at 9:30 PM ET / PT on Teen Nick.

Here is more information on The HALO Effect: “The HALO Effect launched in 2013 as a year-round initiative recognizing one deserving teen every month for their work to help and lead others in their community.  The initiative was built upon Nickelodeon’s HALO Awards, an annual concert event honoring young community leaders with a grant for their organization and scholarship funds.  To date, more than 50 teens across the country have been honored and have received more than $400,000 in grants to fund their non-profit organizations. ”

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