Article: The Remarkable Adam McArthur Had A “Smashing” Time At The “Star Vs The Forces Of Evil / Big City Greens” Panel At San Diego Comic Con — See Pictures Here!

Photo Credits: Matt Kamimura

If we had to name who our favorite person on this planet is, it would definitely have to be the sensational Adam McArthur! He is one of the most talented and gifted actors and he just so happens to voice the role of one of the most iconic animated characters, Marco Diaz on Star vs The Forces of Evil. With his exuberant personality and his down-to-earth and humble persona, it’s clear to see why everyone is obsessed with Adam McArthur!

It’s been yet another exciting week for Adam McArthur as he made his way on over to San Diego Comic Con to be a part of a super fun “Star vs The Forces of Evil Big City Greens” panel that took place on July 19, 2018. Adam McArthur was joined by Eden Sher, Esmé Bianco, Marieve Herington, Star vs The Forces of Evil creator Daron Nefcy as well as Big City Greens creator Shane Houghton. The panel was moderated by Big City Greens co-creator Chris Houghton.

The panel was filled with an endless amount of fun, laughter and some… brick smashing?! Yes, you read that right. As if we weren’t impressed with Adam McArthur already, he proved just how much of a ninja he is in the video he shared below on his Instagram account during the panel.


Needless to say, it truly was an unforgettable day for everyone – from the panel participants to all of the fans who attended! Adam McArthur is absolutely stupendous and I’m so glad he had a blast at San Diego Comic Con. Check out some more pictures below of Adam McArthur at the “Star vs The Forces of Evil Big City Greens” panel.

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Photo Credits: Matt Kamimura

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