Article: Nickelodeon Cooks Up Some Fun By Welcoming Social Media Sensation The Tiny Chef To Its Network With A Brand New Series! 

The Tiny Chef
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He may be… tiny (6.5 inches tall to be exact) but this is some big news! Nickelodeon is cooking up some fun as the network is welcoming social media sensation The Tiny Chef to its family with a brand new series from Imagine Kids+Family. Full of delicious, culinary adventures, The Tiny Chef Show (working title) “will follow the talented chef as he whips up tasty ‘weshipees’ and the world’s tiniest plant-based dishes from his tree-stump home” (source: press release).

The Tiny Chef Show will be executive produced by Imagine Entertainment Executive Chairmen Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, Imagine Kids+Family President Stephanie Sperber, as well as Kristen Bell, Morgan Sackett, and Tiny Chef creators Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid and cinematographer Ozlem Akturk for Tiny Chef Productions” (source: press release). The amusing series will roll out on Nick’s preschool platforms in the U.S., as well as Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels internationally.


“The Tiny Chef stole my heart when he taught me how to make a tiny apron, and I know he will take everyone’s hearts like he took mine,” said Ramsey Naito, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Animation Production and Development. “Brian Robbins and I want to thank everyone at Imagine Kids+Family as we welcome The Chef to Nickelodeon.”

Geniuses Brian Grazer and Ron Howard said, “We have worked with some of the biggest stars in the business, and we could not be more excited to also now work with the tiniest! The Chef and his team have created a vibrant, inclusive, and community-based world and we at Imagine are thrilled to share it with audiences, big and small. Brian Robbins and his team at Nickelodeon created the gold standard in kids’ entertainment and the perfect home for this series.”

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Well well well look who just got off the phone with his publisher Miss Casey over at penguin and heard his book sales have had a BIG increase in pre-sales!!!! She told him it was likely due to his amazing marketing skills. I am bracing myself for a full day of “shee bashel I towyou da shine shpinning blerks!!! I knewit” . . The Chef asked me to give a special thanks to the good people of Portland who must have seen his flyers or his sign spinning and ordered a book and also to the listeners of the Podded Plant podcast. I don’t have the heart to tell him the sales increase was very likely from YOU ALL on Instagram but from the tiny team THANK YOU!!! You’ve been ordering Cheffies book and it truly means the world to him and us that you support his little endeavors. We will do another little book push with some added goodies closer to the release date (let’s make him a best selling author! 🤓) but for now we are switching gears to celebrate Cheffys upcoming birthday!! Happy Monday cheffers hope you are all starting the week out with a smile. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . . . #thetinychefshow #blook #proud #marketing #signspinning

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The herbivore chef has garnered over 600,000 followers just on Instagram alone and has brought joy to fans in a countless amount of ways including through adorable videos, a holiday album titled “THE MISH MESH ALBUM,” and a sold-out run of his first edition talking plush doll. Through this outstanding show, the social media superstar will be able to continue to reach many more fans and serve up a whole lot of excitement to viewers all over the world.

“We knew from the first meeting that Chef and his show would be best served by partnering with the creative team at Nickelodeon,” said Imagine Kids+Family President Stephanie Sperber. “They made Chef feel like a star and Imagine Kids+Family couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Nickelodeon team to make his cooking show a reality.”

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The Chef is on an absolute mission y’all! He says to really expand his cooking horizons he needs to try the fine cuisine that exists around him and truly understand his own palate! @nicsonbeverly was so so kind to invite Chef and the tiny team over for a meal and serve him tiny versions of their dishes. After trying each dish The Chef would frantically jot down notes about each of them and explain to the table the flavors coming through and why each one worked so well. Before the exquisite meal even started @jasoneisner made himself and The Chef a delicious electric lemonade mocktail as The Chef told him his life story and all about his big dreams! Overall the experience and meal was absolutely….incwedible. . . . …stay tuned for one epic picture of Cheffy and a fellow animal lover… . . . #thetinychefshow #nicsonbeverly #delish

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The Tiny Team shared their enthusiasm over joining the Nickelodeon family and said, “We cannot wait to tell The Tiny Chef this amazing news. Though we’re a little worried his tiny heart may burst with joy so we’ll make sure he’s sitting down. It’s been The Tiny Chef’s dream to have his own cooking show and now Nickelodeon is making that come true. This next chapter in The Chef’s journey will be so exciting and thrilling for all of us.”

We can’t wait for more scrumptious creations! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are you excited for this spectacular show to premiere?!

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