Article: YouTube Sensations Kian And Jc Need Your Help Picking Out The Cast For “Reality House” Season 3 – Take A Look At Some Of The Many Creators Who Want To Join In On The Fun!

YouTube sensations Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley - Reality House Season 3
Photo Credits: @Daniel on Instagram

These are the four words we all have been waiting to hear… Reality House is back!

YouTube sensations Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen have brought out two, incredible seasons of their hit, competition web series, Reality House. The show has featured some of the most popular, fan-favorite creators including Manny MUA, Lauren Riihimaki, Jenn McAllister, Harrison Webb, Ryan Abe, Yousef Erakat and many more taking on some of the wildest challenges. But, there’s just one thing… whoever leaves the house loses their chance at winning the massive grand prize. Season one saw the social media superstars vying for the $25,000 grand prize, with the stakes doubled in season two for a $50,000 prize.

But now, we can already tell that this season will be filled with even tougher challenges as the bets are even higher with a whopping $100,000 final prize.

Dynamic duo Kian and Jc shared their excitement over this all new, third season on Twitter as seen in the tweet below.

Now, YouTube phenomenons Kian and Jc need YOUR help to pick content creators who will be up for this season’s epic obstacles! Needless to say, a lot of creators are wanting to join in on the fun and are casually volunteering themselves as tributes for the third season of the series.

A fan online suggested that Connor Franta be added to the lineup of this season, to which the House Fires author shared that he is rather competitive as seen in the tweet below.

Photo Credits: @ConnorFranta on Twitter

Tyler Oakley responded to Kian and Jc’s tweet as seen below (and honestly, we would love to see this!)

Fans were also thrilled to see Ricky Dillon respond to the tweet as everyone has been crossing their fingers to see him compete in season three of Reality House.

Alex Wassabi also got fans extra excited over the potential to see him try his hand at some of the out of this world KNJ challenges with his tweet below.

Adelaine Morin also tweeted:

And, Andrew Lowe wrote:

Manny MUA, who competed in season two, tweeted about wanting to join the All Stars season (and we are TOTALLY here for it when Kian and Jc finally do that season!)

The amazing Jenn McAllister, who was a contestant in season one, also shared her enthusiasm over joining a possible All Stars season.

Kian and Jc always bring a whole lot of excitement to each and every season and we know that they will take season three to a different level. With so many outstanding creators who want to see if they have what it takes to stay inside the million-dollar home and win the ultra big prize, fans will just have to wait and see for Kian and Jc’s big casting announcement.

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, who would you love to see join season three of Reality House?!

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