Article: Big Apple Meets Big Time Royalty In Netflix’s “The Royal Treatment” Starring Laura Marano And Mena Massoud – Watch The Official Trailer Here!

Laura Marano and Mena Massoud star in Netflix's "The Royal Treatment"
Photo Credits: Netflix

It’s like a glass slipper… but money! 💸 Big Apple meets big time royalty in Netflix‘s gush-worthy, new film, The Royal Treatment ready for binge-watching on Thursday, Jan. 20. Her dream job, his dream girl – prepare to step inside a beautiful, storybook fantasy of a film as none other than the fabulous Laura Marano takes us to 183rd Street in this completely magical film.

The Royal Treatment follows New York hairstylist Izzy (portrayed by Marano) who catches a big break when she gets the chance to do the hair for the royal wedding of Prince Thomas (played by the extraordinary Mena Massoud). There’s just one thing – Prince Thomas barely really knows his wife-to-be, and it’s more of an arranged ceremony rather than being done out of love. However, when Prince Thomas and Izzy meet – it’s like a match made in heaven. Prince Thomas seems to have found the perfect fit to the hypothetical, missing glass slipper and Izzy finds her prince charming. But, the question is – will they follow their hearts or follow their responsibilities?

Laura Marano as Izzy and Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas in The Royal Treatment
Photo Credits: Kirsty Griffin / Netflix

Massoud makes an incredible prince. Not only is he a gifted actor and heartthrob, but this isn’t his first time playing the role of a prince – he also starred as Aladdin in the 2019 live-action movie of the same name. The dazzling Marano always aces every role she takes on, so to see these two together in a movie is just… chef’s kiss 😚

The outstanding film also stars the great talents of Chelsie Preston Crayford, Grace Bentley-Tsibuah, and Cameron Rhodes.

A special song titled “Dance With You” by Laura Marano featuring Grey from the movie is releasing on Dec. 31. So now, we all get to ring in the new year by dancing the night away to this magnificent song while waiting for the much-anticipated release of this marvelous flick.

The multi-talented Marano shared her excitement for the song’s release through a photo she posted on her Instagram account. Along with the post, she wrote, “Just keeping the surprises coming 😏💃🏻 My new song Dance With You (with @greymusic) is coming out December 31st!! AND it’s featured in The Royal Treatment!!! Presave the song now in the link in my bio!!”

Marano shared a sneak peek of the song with friends Kyle and Michael Trewartha of Grey Music. Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of anthem we need to end off 2021 with a bang and start off 2022 with a spectacular movie to watch.

Mena Massoud shared some fun snaps on set of The Royal Treatment with Laura Marano. Along with the post he wrote, “Prepare to get the royal treatment @lauramarano @netflix.”

Grab your crown and get ready for some royal treatment with the highly-awaited film, The Royal Treatment releasing on Netflix on Jan. 20. Check out some more first-look photos from the movie below and watch the official trailer for the film!

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Photo Credits: Kirsty Griffin / Netflix

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